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Photographer in bend, oregon and beyond


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Hey there


Hi, I'm Bri! Thanks for stopping by my website. Whether you're here in central Oregon, out of state, or are planning an elopement abroad, I'd love to hear about your plans. 

If you're looking for someone to rigidly pose and snap your wedding photos, I'm probably not your gal. Capturing the natural, intimate interactions of your day is what I do best.  My goal is to give a glimpse into your personality and the emotions running wild during one of the most exciting days of your life.

Have a question? Don't be shy! Head over to my contact form and give me the 411.


If you're looking for another type of photography, keep scrolling! In addition to weddings and portraits, I love working with brands to create web and social media content. Not located in Central Oregon? No prob. Send me a message and let's get cookin'!

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