Bend, Oregon Boudoir Photographer


Okay people, I am in love with boudoir photography. Myranda and I literally did this shoot in a patch of weeds and can you even believe…??? GORGEOUS. I would love to do more outdoor boudoir shoots in Bend and really anywhere in Oregon if anyone is interested!

Also if you’re in love with flowers, fresh or dried, as much as I am, we can arrange to have some of those at your shoot too. Boo-yah.

Now now, some of you are probably thinking to yourself, “I’d love to do a boudoir shoot when I lose 10 lbs” or “I wish I were confident enough to do a shoot like that.” I have an announcement just for you, girl: Right now is the best time. You will likely never feel 100% prepared for a boudoir shoot. All I ask is that you trust me. If you want, I’ll even bring the champagne. The reactions I’ve received from even the most self conscious women have been nothing but amazing. I truly believe every lady should experience a boudoir shoot and there’s no time like the present, hunnies.

If you’re still feeling nervous but maybe a little interested, start by joining my closed Boudoir Facebook group. It’s a nice little place I share photos and talk more about the process. Here’s the link!

P.s. I opened my own studio dedicated to boudoir! It’s called BABE CITY Studio.